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Referring to my serious and melancholy thoughts as ‘silly musings’ might make me lighten up…it might.

Graphite Drawings – Nordic Knitting Cont.

Nordic Knitting is still my reference (see previous post). Finnish patterns inspired this drawing:


Recycled Paintings 1.2 – Video

Recycled ASU painting #2 is complete, this time with some time-lapse movie magic.

It’s roughly 36×36, oil on canvas. Please watch!

Explanation: The first painting is a class assignment from 2010 which I never liked :P. Now (December 2011) I painted over it and filmed the process. This is my first timelapse movie attempt, so my apologies for the poor visibility (due partly to my person being in the way) and ever-changing lighting. Here’s a photo of the end result:

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