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Commission Painting

Just delivered this commission — father and grandfather of my friend Stephanie. She asked me to paint this as a gift for her father. If anyone can tell what make and model the truck is, I’m curious to know. Cars compuzzle me greatly.

I’m told the year is somewhere in the 1950s – 1960s.

Watercolor and ink, 8″x10″, April 2012.

Recycled Paintings 1.1

Time to recycle some old canvas.

Initially, this was a class-assigned painting from 2008—a study in complementary colors blue and orange. The other day, I finished painting over it with another study in blue and orange. Same canvas; same color palette. But the new study is based on the mountain next door.




Commission Painting

Before this commission, I’d never attempted anything western. But this was fun to try, especially with the desert landscape and wildflowers. Arizona is my home, after all :).

This painting was finished and sent off last week. It’s oil on canvas, 18″x24″. I’m showing here the preliminary watercolor sketch as well…….